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Out and Out Rout
Out and Out Rout
Directed By: Rudy Larriva
Produced By: David DePatie
Friz Freleng
Released: January 29, 1966
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Dale Hale
Animation: Virgil Ross, Bob Bransford, Hank Smith
Layouts: Dale Hale
Backgrounds: Anthony Rizzo
Film Editor: Roger Donley
Voiced By: Paul Julian (uncredited)
Music: Bill Lava
Starring: Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner
Preceded By: Shot and Bothered
Succeeded By: Mucho Locos

Out and Out Rout is a 1966 Merrie Melodies cartoon.


Wile E. Coyote continues his attempts to capture the Road Runner, using schemes and objects such as a skateboard, a hunting falcon. two doves tied to Wile's feat, a hot rod, a wind sail, and glue stuck in the road. At the end, Wile E. Coyote gets caught in his own trap and gets flattened by a steam roller driven by the Road Runner himself.


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