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Orville is the brother of Yosemite Sam and only appears in Along Came Daffy.


Two starving men, Yosemite Sam and his brother Orville, in a snowbound cabin start to hallucinate and see each other as food items. Door-to-door cookbook salesman Daffy Duck arrives but they slam the door in his face. Moments later their peanut-sized brains realize he is a duck and they invite him back in and chase him all over the cabin. Eventually Daffy explains that he happens to have a complimentary turkey dinner in his sample case. He opens the case and out springs the meal. He makes a quick exit as the famished men sit down to eat.

Before they can take a bite, a horde of hungry mice dash from their hole and strip the turkey clean. The men hear another knock on the door. Daffy is there again, offering some after-dinner mints. The men grab him and pull him inside. Daffy sticks his head out the door for a moment and says "Well, here we go again!" before being yanked back inside.

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