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Now and Zen
Series: Wabbit
Season: 1
Episode #: 2 (1b)
Written by: Roger Eschbacher
Erik Kuska
Date aired: October 8, 2015
Previous episode: Buddha Bugs
Next episode: The Inside Bugs

Now and Zen is the second part of the 2th episode of Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Prod. It first aired 21 Sep 2015.

Plot Summary

Squeaks the Squirrel wakes a foursome of squat, cylindrically shaped, cruel ninjas while collecting nuts. They give him a big kick and he flies through the air and lands in Bugs' french horn. Bugs says it's common knowledge that one doesn't disturb ninjas while they're meditating. Then he proceeds to blow his horn, waking the ninjas again. Bugs and Squeaks defend each other from a series of attacks, eventually defeating them.



Bugs Bunny Jeff Bergman
Squeaks the Squirrel Dee Bradley Baker
Ninjas JP Karliak



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