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Newsreel of the Stars is an Animaniacs cutaway that plays periodically in the openings of several episodes throughout the series.


A newsreel is shown explaining the origin of the Warners. They were first created in 1930 in Hollywood at the Warner Bros. then-new animation department. However, they were uncontrollable and ran amok all over the Warner Bros. Studios. until they were captured. Their cartoons were locked away in a vault unreleased, and the Warners were locked away in the studio water tower unreleased...or so they think.


Animaniacs - Newsreel of the Stars02:14

Animaniacs - Newsreel of the Stars

  • The animation studio is named "Termite Terrace", which was the nickname of the original Warner Bros. animation studio, because it was so old and rickety they thought no one would want to live there except the termites.
  • This cold open would be reused in certain episodes of the show, including a longer version.
  • Ralph T. Guard and Hello Nurse, or maybe people who somehow look like them, are seen working for the studio in 1930.


  • The narrator says in this newsreel that the Warners were created in 1930, however, it would later be shown that cartoons were made starring them in 1929. This would later be referenced in the Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation cartoon.

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