New Looney Tunes/Wabbit- A Looney Tunes Production
General information
Genre: Shorts
Created by:
No. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 52+ (currently ordered)
Running time: 1 segment = 5.5 minutes
1 episode/2 segments = 11 minutes
Original run: September 21, 2015 - present (USA)
Networks: Boomerang (USA)

New Looney Tunes (Season 2 and onwards, because Season 1 is still airing in the United States, the show is still known as Wabbit - A Looney Tunes Production, or Bugs! - A Looney Tunes Production in Europe and the Middle East) is a Warner Bros. Animation produced series for Boomerang/Cartoon Network. The shorts usually focus on Bugs Bunny with new adventures in the form of shorts. In addition, starting with season 2, which has yet to air in the US, other characters sometimes are the main stars, as revealed on Boomerang France's facebook page[1], with Bugs making cameo appearances in those. The series features two five-minute shorts in each eleven-minute episode and four five-minute shorts for a full half-hour block. Originally the series was planned to air exclusively on Boomerang, but the series aired on Cartoon Network on September 21, 2015 due to last-minute scheduling changes.[2] As of April 7, 2017, with episodes 23-26 and the second half of Season 1 returning to television, the show has moved to Boomerang permanently as the case with all WBA shows, sans Teen Titans Go!.

New episodes have been announced to be aired in the United States after a year-long hiatus. The new episodes will be released through Boomerang's SVOD service before airing on Boomerang USA television.[3]


New Looney Tunes was announced at Cartoon Network Upfront 2014 for a 2015 premiere.

"The hilarious, heroic and mischievous Bugs Bunny you love is back! From Warner Bros. Animation, Bugs stars in an all-new series consisting of comedic shorts that find the iconic carrot-loving rabbit matching wits against (and getting the best of) classic characters like Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote. Along the way, Bugs encounters brand-new foes…and he has help from new friends like Bigfoot and Squeaks the Squirrel."
―Cartoon Network/WBA



  • This is yet another Looney Tunes spin-off to introduce new characters but focus on mainly one character, Bugs Bunny. However this has been retooled in the second season, in where there are episodes that focus on other Looney Tunes characters aside from Bugs.
  • The TV Guide Comic-Con Special Issue featured a redesigned version of Squeaks the Squirrel.[citation needed]

  • The show evokes the classics but tries to stay away from a lot of the cliches (e.g. rarely anvils). Sometimes a cliche will be used if needed.
  • Porky Pig has been mentioned in one episode. His appearance has been revealed in the third opening and a leaked clip.[5]
  • Daffy Duck appears in Episode 52. His appearance has been revealed in a leaked clip.[6] He also appeared in the Boomerang Upfront for 2017.
  • Elmer Fudd's appearance has been revealed in the Boomerang Upfront for 2017 as well as a WB Kids YouTube clip.[7][8]

Season 1

  1. Buddha Bugs, Now and Zen (September 21st, 2015)
  2. The Inside Bugs, Sun Valley Freeze (September 21st, 2015)
  3. St. Bugs and the Dragon, Leaf It Alone (September 22nd, 2015)
  4. The Bigfoot in Bed, World Wide Wabbit (September 22nd, 2015)
  5. For the Love of Acorns, The Game is a Foot (September 23rd, 2015)
  6. The Grim Rabbit, The Wringer (September 24th, 2015)
  7. White House Wabbit, Bugsbarian (September 25th, 2015)
  8. Not Lyin' Lion, Ice Ice Bunny (September 28th, 2015)
  9. Wabbit's Wild, All Belts are Off (September 29th, 2015)
  10. Wabbit's Best Friend, Annoying Ex-Boydfriend (September 30th, 2015)
  11. Bugs vs. Snail, To Catch a Fairy (October 1st, 2015)
  12. Bugs in the Garden, Scarecrow (October 2nd, 2015)
  13. Painter Paint Hare, The Spy Who Bugged Me (October 8th, 2015)
  14. Hareplane Mode, Bugs of Steel (October 15th, 2015)
  15. Big Troubles, Manner Maid (October 22nd, 2015)
  16. Bugsfoot, Grim on Vacation (November 9th, 2015)
  17. Carrot Before the Horse, Trunk with Power (November 16th, 2015)
  18. Snow Wabbit, Aromatherapest (November 23rd, 2015)
  19. Raising Your Spirits, Dust Bugster (November 30th, 2015)
  20. Computer Bugs, Oils Well That Ends Well (February 27th, 2016)
  21. Your Bunny or Your Life, Misjudgment Day (March 5th, 2016)
  22. Splashwater Bugs, Fwee Wange Wabbit (March 12th, 2016)
  23. Beaver Fever, Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel (April 7th, 2017)
  24. Pain & Treasure, Office Rocker (April 7th, 2017)
  25. The Survivalist of the Fittest, The IMPoster (April 7th, 2017)
  26. Bugs Over Par, Fast Feud (April 7th, 2017)
  27. Sir Little Chin: Griffin Hunter, Bugs in Time (July 12th, 2017)[9]
  28. Airpork Security, Home a Clone (July 12th, 2017)
  29. Bugs on Ice, Bugs Scouts (July 13th, 2017)
  30. For Whom the Bugs Trolls, To Beach His Own (July 13th, 2017)
  31. Five Star Bugs, Yoga to Be Kidding Me (July 14th, 2017)
  32. Rabbits of the Lost Ark, Appropriate Technology (July 14th, 2017)
  33. Pork in the Road, Squeaks Upon a Star (July 14th, 2017)
  34. Mile Hi Grub, Pole Position (July 15th, 2017)
  35. Thirst Things First, Bugs of Chance (July 15th, 2017)
  36. Bugs for Mayor, The Lepra-Con (July 15th, 2017)
  37. Squeaks Show, Rodeo Bugs (July 18th, 2017)
  38. Slugsworthy's Mega Mansion, Wile E.'s Walnuts (July 18th, 2017)
  39. Just One of Those Days, Mooch Housin' Syndrome (July 18th, 2017)
  40. Sir Little Chin: Unicorn Hunter, Erin Go Bugs (TBA)
  41. Proud to Be a Coal Miner's Wabbit, Cabin Fervor (TBA)
  42. The Grand Barbari-yon, Giant Rabbit Hunters (TBA)
  43. Amusement Pork, Now You See Me, Now You Still See Me... (TBA)
  44. 'Tis the Seasoning, Winter Blunderland (TBA)
  45. Ear! We! Go!, Hare Band (TBA)
  46. Bugs in the Petting Zoo, Hawaiian Ice (TBA)
  47. Quiet the Undertaking, Bugs Bunny? (TBA)
  48. Wet Feet, There is a Soccer Born Every Minute (TBA)
  49. Pork Lift, Thess in the City (TBA)
  50. Elmer's Fuddge, Angelo the Mighty Flea (TBA)
  51. Gorky Pork, Hard Hat Hare (TBA)
  52. Porky's Duck-Livery Service, The Wabbit Who Would Be King (TBA)


Season 2

  1. Pigmallian, Bugs the Gladiator (TBA)
  2. A Duck in the Penthouse, Tour de Bugs (TBA)
  3. Knight and Duck, The Color of Bunny (TBA)
  4. Sam and the Bullet Train, Swine Dining (TBA)
  5. Love is in the Hare, Valentine's Dayffy (TBA)
  6. Bigs Bunny, Wahder, Wahder, Everywhere (TBA)
  7. Porky the Disorderly, Game, Set, Wabbit (TBA)
  8. Lucky Duck, Daffy the Hen (TBA)
  9. Love It or Survivalist it, Good Duck to You Cirque (TBA)
  10. Best Bugs, Lewis and Pork (TBA)
  11. Daffy Underground Passenger, Superscooter (TBA)
  12. A Journey with Daffy, The Woodcutter (TBA)
  13. Easter Bunny Imposter, Easter Tweets (TBA)





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