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Mrs. Cat
Background information
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Debut appearance: "A Mouse Divided"
Created by: Friz Freleng
Portrayed by: Bea Berndardet
June Foray

Sylvia Cat, often referred to as "Sylvester's Wife" or "Mrs. Cat," has appeared in two different incarnations in two different cartoons. Once as a desperate housewife yellow cat in "A Mouse Divided" and as a bland straight calm mother in "Goldimouse & The Three Cats".

"A Mouse Divided"

Voice: Bea Benaderet

In this cartoon she is a desperate housewife who constantly wishes for a baby, much to Sylvester's objections. She becomes the unconditionally loving mother of the baby mouse accidentally delivered to their home, even protecting the baby mouse from getting eaten by Sylvester.

"Goldimouse & The Three Cats"

Voice: June Foray

In this cartoon she is the very seemingly exhausted and plain mother cat of Sylvester Junior.

Unlike her previous appearance, she bears a much closer resemblance to her husband, and has grey fur instead of yellow fur.


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