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Milt Franklyn (b. September 16th, 1897-d. April 24th, 1962) was an American composer, best known for composing several Looney Tunes cartoons in the 1950s and early 1960s. He joined Warner Brothers in 1936 as a music arranger to then musical director Carl Stalling, who joined that same year. Franklyn became musical director in 1953, first credited for 1954 cartoon Bugs and Thugs. In 1958, Stalling retired, making Franklyn the sole composer. Franklyn died of a heart attack on April 24, 1962. Stalling ended up outliving Franklyn, even through retirement. Franklyn was composing The Jet Cage, at the time of his death. The first two minutes of that cartoon were scored by Franklyn, with the rest by William Lava, who went on to be musical director for a large number of cartoons in the 1960s following. The opening credits to The Jet Cage only credits Franklyn.

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