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  • Animaniacs can't show on TV because Steven Spielberg's company Amblin Entertainment owns the other half to the copyrights. And Ambiln don't allow WB/Turner to air the shows he made with them in the United States. Sorry

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  • Eh, what's up doc? Welcome to Looney Tunes Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Old looney tunes page.

    Please post a message on my wall if you need help with anything. Thanks for being a part of the wiki.

    Here are some pages, ok a lot of pages that we hope you'll find useful:

    • Terms - Make sure to read them before you edit
    • TV TRACKER - See which Looney Tunes cartoons are on Boomerang in the USA. Also, see which Wabbit shorts are airing on Boomerang USA
    • Acme Heads and Wizards - Feel free to contact us if you need any help
    • User list - Post your signature as proof of your work here
    • Affiliated Wikis - Want to become friends with us? Now's your chance
    • About us - Learn about us and our mission
    • History - Our history
    • Staff Guidlines - Learn what is required to be a staff member
    • Birthday list - Want to wish your comrades a happy birthday, here's the list so you can find out when their birthday is
    • Museum - A gallery of all the photos uploaded to our wiki
    • Parent Page - General info that parents can learn about Looney Tunes and everything about it
    • Dictionary - Questionable word, no problem, we define it for you
    • To-Do List - Bored and want something to edit? Check out our to-do list

    Best of all, be looney.

    Happy editing!

    - Acme Administration Team

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