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My local time is: 12:33PM PDT, Monday, November 20, 2017 (update)

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^ Please be patient as I may not be online at the time. Check my local time (CLICK UPDATE) before messaging ^
Sufferin' succotash! You have left a message for me. Thanks for stopping by my talk page. On Monday-Thursday, please leave messages between 1:00PM (Pacific Time) - 9:00PM. On Friday and Saturday, you can leave me a message between 1:00PM (Pacific Time) - 11:00PM. On Sunday, you can leave me a message between 9:00AM (Pacific Time) - 9:00PM. If you need to message me but cannot make these duration periods, go for it, but I might not get back to you right away and will get back to your regards as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.

Do message me if:

  • You have a question for me.
  • You have problems with other wikis that I edit on and want me to address them. Please message me on my talk page from Community Central.
  • A protected page has error or page/template needs to be protected.
  • A thread needs to be closed
  • Page/image/video need to be deleted.
  • You want to talk to me personally only.
  • You need to report a user. (vandalism, spam, harassment, trolling)
  • You have a question about citing sources.
  • You want me to visit a certain wiki, but you must have been editing here for awhile. I will visit wikis and look at them. But do not ask me to join them. I will decide by visiting if I do want to join those wikis.
  • You have a question regarding a warning I gave you.
  • You have a question about a Term I have written. If you have a question about a Term I did not write, please ask another staff member or post on the forums/discussion boards.

Do not message me if:

  • You want me to rip off a recording from a DVD. I can send you PC downloads if I got them from safe websites. I'm terribly sorry, I would if I could, but I don't have the ability to do this at the moment. I am sorry about this, but don't message me about it.
    • I can, however, rip off recordings from anything on my PC if I got them from safe websites. However, many of these cartoons are available to download at no cost from video sharing sites DailyMotion, Vimeo, Trilulilu Romania, or the Russian website MyMail (you can also search up Видео which means Russian for video), the file site Chomikuj Poland and are perfectly safe to download cartoons and files off from. Think twice before asking me about this one.
  • You want to ask me something that can be done by reading the terms or Wikia's Help and Questions pages.
  • You are angry about something. Unless someone is breaking rules, take a chill pill first, then message me. Everything will be all right.
  • You want me to answer something you can easily find yourself or that can be answered by reading the terms.
  • You want me to join a certain wiki.
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