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Merlin the Magic Mouse
Directed By: Alex Lovy
Produced By: William L. Hendricks
Released: November 18, 1967
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Cal Howard
Animation: Ted Bonnicksen
Laverne Harding
Volus Jones
Ed Solomon
Layouts: Bob Givens
Backgrounds: Bob Abrams
Film Editor: Hal Geer
Voiced By: Daws Butler
Music: William Lava
Starring: Merlin the Magic Mouse
Second Banana
Sam Cat
Preceded By: Cool Cat
Succeeded By: Fiesta Fiasco
Merlin the Magic Mouse06:22

Merlin the Magic Mouse

Merlin the Magic Mouse is a 1967 Merrie Melodies cartoon.


Merlin the Magic Mouse performs his magic act, but his audience is a cat.




Lobby Cards

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215882 10150165041318926 1276022 n

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