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Mel Blanc: The Man of 1000 Voices: That's All Folks! is a 2007 Remember soundtrack album featuring songs performed by Mel Blanc.

Track listings

  1. I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat
  2. Yosemite Sam
  3. Woody Woodpecker
  4. Toot, Toot, Tootsie!
  5. Big Bear Lake
  6. K-K-K-Katy
  7. Ten Little Bottles In The Sink
  8. I’M Glad That I’M Bugs Bunny
  9. Daffy Duck’S Rha
  10. I Tell My Troubles To Joe
  11. Lord Bless His Soul
  12. Morris
  13. Yah Das Ist Ein Christmas Tree
  14. Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Beeg
  15. Little Red Monkey
  16. Pussy Cat Parade
  17. Somebody Stole My Gal
  18. I Love Me (I’M Wild About Myself)
  19. I’M In The Mood For Love
  20. Money
  21. That’S All Folks!
  22. Mel Blanc Fix-It Shop Song (Bonus Track)
  23. Mel Blanc As Private Sad Sack (Bonus Track)
  24. Bugs Bunny And Elmer Fudd First Meet (From Bugs Bunny Meets Elmer Fudd)(Bonus T
  25. Henery Hawk And Foghorn Leghorn Sing (From Henery Hawk’S Chicken Hunt)(Bonus Tra
  26. Speech From Los Angeles Chamber Of Commerce (Bonus Track)
  27. Professor Leblanc Gives Jack Benny A Violin Lesson (Bonus Track)
  28. Clink, Clink Another Drink (Spike Jones & The City Slickers)(Bonus Track)
  29. Mel Blanc (As “The Drunk”) & Del Porter (Vocals)(Bonus Track)


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