This is an official project page of Looney Tunes Wiki. This means that these are guidelines of our terms, which must be followed. Failure to follow these terms can result in anvil drops or account closures from this wiki and its affiliates.

Last revision on: 08/29/17

Article Talk pages allow users to civilly discuss how to improve the articles. Instead of user talk pages, we have Message Walls instead. Here at Looney Tunes Wiki, we believe this is very important. Some users will use the talk pages to say how much they like certain characters; in other words, what they think of the subject of the article. However, they might misregard the talk page as a place to put comments. Talk pages and comments are not the same.

As a reminder, talk pages are only to discuss how to improve the article. Comments that do not serve to work towards that goal are not permitted, such as comments regarding the subject of the article ("Wile E. Coyote is dumb"), or opinions ("This is my favorite character" and "This is the worst episode of the show"). Please direct comments regarding the subject of the article to the Forums or blog posts.

Also, when leaving a message, please remember to sign your posts with ~~~~. This will place your signature on the page so people can tell who wrote your message.

Thanks, Acme Staff

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