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This is an official project page of Looney Tunes Wiki.

While many editors are good contributors to the wiki, there are some that aren't. These so called "not so good" contributors can do something known as vandalism or spam. Spam is technically a form of vandalism, if meant to damage a reputation of an article. While many of these editors get blocked for a period of time, there are ways to help, by reporting these users.


Some things they do

  • Blanking the page
  • Adding gibberish in a paragraph
  • Spamming the same thing on multiple articles
  • Uploading pictures irrelevant to the subject
  • Spamming messages in caps or spamming the same message ,other than happy birthday, on message walls
  • Spam offense also follows if you aren't here to contribute to encyclopedia

Vandals will usually be blocked for a period of time. The first offense is 1 week. The second offense is 2 weeks. The third offense is a month. And so on....

What you can do to help

If you see a vandal:

Step 1: Undo their edit. If it cannot be undone, contact an Acme Head.

Step 2: Once undone, either report the problem to an Acme head or wait for them to notice. Most Acme Heads patrol the activity of wiki and check the article's history, so sometimes, there is no need to report a problem.

Step 3: The Head will thank you and block the vandalism-only account user without warning, usually for 3 days or more.

Thank you for taking a step to make the wiki a better place for everyone!

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