This is an official project page of Looney Tunes Wiki. This means that these are guidelines of our terms, which must be followed. Failure to follow these terms can result in anvil drops or account closures from this wiki and its affiliates.

We really appreciate the work our contributors put in and have been grateful since January 2006! As such, the Acme Staff are happy to promote users who have good contributions and a certain number of edits so long as they ask and go through a voting process. Good luck!

This page is for the purpose of discussing promotion requests. If you would like to make a request, you need to fill out a template so the community can discuss your request. Anyone failing to meet the requirements will have their request automatically rejected without warning. A maximum of two requests are allowed at a time.

Note: This page is not protected in the event that users need to fill out a form to request.

General information

There are several requirements to have the right to request to be promoted. It is highly recommended that you are able to show examples that you are worthy of having these abilities. If your request is rejected, review the comments and take that as advice to guide you in the right direction for a request in the future. Follow the instructions on the {{Promotion Request Box}} template to apply for a promotion. After you fill out the template, please add the support, neutral, oppose, and comments headers with three equal signs on each side (no spaces between the word and the equal sign) between the words in that particular order.

{{Promotion Request Box|Your username|What you would like to be promoted to?}}






  • To start voting, put an * in the header you want to vote. Then, insert the
    {{Support}}, {{Oppose}}, or {{Neutral}}
    templates. Lastly, explain your reasoning. And do not forget that the explanations should use the requester's contributions to the wiki as evidence for your position.
  • Users cannot vote multiple times. If caught, all their votes except one will be removed and they may be banned from voting for a period of time.
  • Users who are trying to get a promotion by requesting may not remove neutrals or opposes (The Acme Staff does not know why anyone would remove a support) from other users that they think will ruin their chance at getting the promotion. If the user who removed those votes gets caught, the request may be subject for automatically rejection. If the request is rejected for this reason, the user that removed the vote will be banned from requesting for a month or 30 days (28-29 if the month is February)
  • The votes are based on majority rule so if the discussion favors more than 70%, then it will be done within 7 days of the discussions start. Extensions can also occur should there not be enough votes.
  • For organization purposes, a maximum of two promotion requests are allowed at a time. The two requests must be for different positions. After the request has been finished, it is recommended that no one applies for the same position for at least 4 weeks.
  • If there are not enough supports, opposes, or neutrals, Acme Heads and Wizards are welcome to step in. They have the right to ask currently active users to do so themselves. Those active users that ignore the Acme Head and Wizard's request to vote are violating the communications policy and may be subject to bans. It only takes a few minutes to take the time to vote, look at the user's contributions, and take your position (Support, Neutral, or Oppose) with an explanation of two to three sentences
  • Requesters must explain by answering the questions on the template and why.
  • Voters must explain why using the requester's contributions as evidence.
  • "I support this discussion because you show a lot of excellent contributions on the articles for the TV show New Looney Tunes. It seems to me that you really are putting in the effort to help. Also, I have noticed you tend to undo edits that are not constructive. I have also noticed that you are also an engaged member in the community with answering questions on the Questions and Answers Board or taking the time to answer a question meant for an Acme Head. So with this being said, I support."
  • Comments that don't have thorough explanations and/or do not use the user's contributions as evidence are not valid responses and may not count towards the vote. That is up to the Acme Heads to decide if they want to count these particular comments.
  • "I support because if they want to request, that's their decision."
  • "I support because he is my best friend and you guys can trust him."
  • If there are more than five opposes in a regular discussion, the discussion will automatically be marked as rejected and users will have to wait 30 days to submit another one. However, for a bigger discussion with a larger number of voters, oppose numbers may vary.
  • This page, unlike most pages that start with "Looney Tunes Wiki", is left unprotected so users can go ahead and request. Archive promotion requests will be located here.
  • If your request is rejected, you must wait for at least 1 month or 30 days (28-29 if the month is February) before submitting another request.
  • Once an Acme Head or Wizard promotion has finished and passed, 4 weeks must pass before a new user can request to be an Acme Head or Wizard, though other positions can be requested immediately after one has finished.

Current Requests


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