This is an official project page of Looney Tunes Wiki. This means that these are guidelines of our terms, which must be followed. Failure to follow these terms can result in anvil drops or account closures from this wiki and its affiliates.

Last revision on: 1/16/18

Anvil dropping, also known as blocking or banning a user, is the method by which admins can literally prevent users from editing Looney Tunes Wiki. Most accounts are anvilled due to disruption of the database. Closure of an account is the punishment set for a user that prevents them from editing the wiki for an indefinite period of time, though with time and good reasoning, it may be retracted.

General Information

Any user may report to an Acme Head for any major disruption. They should supply credible evidence of the circumstances warranting an anvil drop. Wizards and Heads are never obliged to place an anvil drop and are free to investigate the situation themselves. Because anvil drops may be reviewed and appealed, it is often important that the blocking and reviewing heads and wizards as well as additional Acme Staff communicate with each other about the situation.

Anvilled users can appeal their anvil drops or closed accounts (although closed accounts are for more severe reasons) by using {{Unblock}} on their talk page. Except in cases of unambiguous error or if an account has already been disabled, Acme Heads should not undo other Acme Head's anvil drops without prior discussion. If the user’s talk page access has been revoked, feel free to message one of the Acme Heads on Community Central, assuming they are willing to talk.

If a banned user's account has been disabled by Wikia (their contributions page has a light red banner reading "This account has been disabled by user choice, or by FANDOM"), it is recommended that the account be unblocked. This way, it's easier to keep track of banned users (The disabled users by Wikia won't be able to edit the wiki anyway).

Because VSTF exists to ban users from Wikia who disrupt the network outside the Looney Tunes Wiki, it is forbidden for an Acme Head/Administrator to ban/anvil drop a user because they have violated policies on other wikis, because they do not like the user in question, or for no reason. They must violate one of our Terms/Policies to be anvil dropped here. Major vandalism attacks across Wikia should be reported to VSTF instead of anvil dropping/banning users who didn't violate Terms here, but violated policies on other wikis.


Accounts may be anvilled for:

  • Persistently making personal attacks (racist comments, hate speech to someone else)
  • Persistent spam/vandalism (Though obvious blatant spam/vandalism warrants anvil drop without warning, such as removing page content or removing references for no reason)
  • Edit warring or revert warring
  • Violating the new multiple users rule (unless your account was already created prior to your anvil drop; however, it is still forbidden to use these accounts to evade your ban)
  • Violating any of our terms
  • Accounts with inappropriate usernames (though these will not be IP banned)

Account Closures

When your account is closed, you agree not to:

  • Encourage others to do edits for you for 3 months
  • Attempt to create or use multiple accounts for the purposes of circumventing the closure for 3 months

If a banned user wishes to be unblocked, they can submit a block appeal after 3 months. Violation of these terms can lead to a longer extended closure of your account.


Everyone, sans vandalism-only account creators, is eligible to receive a warning before being anvilled. Factors such as how long a user has been on the site (users who have been here for a long time should know better), the infraction in question, and whether the user was clearly acting in good faith can also dictate whether a user receives a warning first or is anvilled outright. The final decision is up to the blocking Acme Head/Wizard. Please keep banned users' message walls open for them to appeal or reply to the conversations unless they were banned for removing warnings from their message wall.

The lengths below are simply suggestions. Acme Heads have the right to set reasonable times at their discretion. Setting someone to be banned until year 2030 or 100000 is not permitted. For those use indefinite.

  • Vandalism/Spam/Trolling
    • 1st offense = warning or 1 week
    • 2nd = if you got a warning 1 week, if not 2 weeks
    • 3rd = closure of your account
  • Personal attacks, disruption, disregarding Terms
    • 1st offense = warning
    • 2nd = 2 week anvil drop
    • Further? = closure of your account
  • Failure to cite sources
    • 1st-3rd = warning
    • 4th = 1 week
    • 5th = 2 weeks
    • Further? = 1 Month
  • Privacy
    • 1st offense = 1 week anvil drop
    • 2nd = closure of your account
  • Removal of warnings issued by Acme Staff from message wall
    • 1st offense and onwards = 2 week anvil drop with message wall access revoked

IP addresses are locked from editing for 24 hours after the user's account has been banned. Because IP is shared around a certain brick-and-mortar (building), or multiple buildings, there may be more than one user who edits on that address. In the case of persistent violators should it need to have a duration longer than 24 hours or one full day, then let Wikia/Fandom staff know. Wikia staff can extend the ban to the entire IP if it becomes a problem.

Unacceptable username policy

Users with unacceptable usernames may be anvilled based on an administrator's discretion for reasons such as profanity, sexual references, impersonation, personal attacks, and references to notorious people. In this case, a soft-block will apply so the user will be allowed to create a new account with an acceptable username, since only Wikia staff can change usernames. If the offending account's username is changed to a more acceptable one, it will be unblocked.

Usernames with personal attacks directed at another user will be banned indefinitely. However, in most cases, they are welcome to create a new account with a new name. Repeated violations of this policy will result in the user’s sockpuppets and main account being reported to VSTF for spam.

Appealing a Ban

When a user tries to appeal a ban on their wall, the appeal has to get at least 60% support from users on the wiki. After seven days, if less than 60% of users support the appeal, the ban will remain in place. If users mess around with their message wall (i.e., spamming or vandalism), they can have their talk access revoked. When anvil dropping a user, always leave their wall open unless they are messing with it, such as spam or removing warnings. An exception to this is if the user is sockpuppeting and you have removed their talk access from their main account, though in some cases, they may be willing to conduct a mature conversation.

Because the ban/anvil drop for removing warnings from Acme Staff is always two weeks for every offense, those bans are NOT negotiable.

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