This is an official project page of Looney Tunes Wiki. This means that these are guidelines of our terms, which must be followed. Failure to follow these terms can result in anvil drops or account closures from this wiki and its affiliates.

Fowlmouth pic

Don't be a Fowlmouth.

Using certain words is not allowed here. If you say any of the words that are not allowed, you will receive 1 warning (or none, depends how the admin feels about it) before a 24 hour anvil drop.

Allowed words

  • Gosh
  • Crap
  • Freaking
  • Fudge
  • Sucks
  • Darn
  • Dang
  • Damn
  • Arse
  • Ass (in moderation)
  • Hell
  • Heck
  • Douchebag (non-insulting)
  • Retard (non-insulting)
  • Turd

These words may not be used to insult others. Misuse of this policy will result in bans.

Prohibited words

Due to the amount of kids viewing the website, we forbid the use of these words unless you are quoting from a piece of official Looney Tunes material. Use of any of these words puts users at liability to be banned without warning.

  • Fuck
  • Nigger
  • Shit
  • Cunt
  • Dick
  • Clit
  • Pussy
  • Faggot
  • Bitch
  • Any other slurs
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