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NOTE: Looney Tunes is pillarboxed (two black bars on top and bottom) on CN.

  • 3/30/14 - 6am - Putty Tat Twouble/Hairied and Hurried/Big Top Bunny
  • 3/31/14 - 11am - Baseball Bugs/All A-Bir-r-r-d/Fastest And The Mostest/Bunny Hugged/Daffy Flies North/Forward March Hare
  • 4/1/14 - 11am - French Rarebit/Don't Give Up the Sheep/Good Noose/Stooge For a Mouse/Grey Hounded Hare/Pests for Guests/The Foghorn Leghorn
  • 4/2/14 - 11am - Tweet Dreams/My Bunny Lies Over The Sea/Often An Orphan/Freeze Frame/Rabbit Hood/An Egg Scramble/Tree For Two
  • 4/3/14 - 11am - Rhapsody Rabbit/Going! Going! Gosh!/Fish And Slips/All Fowled Up/Windblown Hare/Bad Ol' Puddy Tat/Quack Shot
  • 4/4/14 - 11am - Tease For Two/Baby Buggy Bunny/Muzzle Tough/Guided Muscle/Wild Over You/False Hare/Pop 'Im Pop
  • 4/5/14 - 6am - Knights Must Fall/The Up-Standing Sitter/A Bone For A Bone


  • 3/30/13 - 6:30am - The Float
  • 4/5/14 - 6:30am - The Shelf
Boomerang us left logo
  • 3/30/14 - 7am - Honey's Money/The Honey-Mousers/French Rarebit/Tugboat Granny/Rabbit's Kin/Hip Hip Hurry/You Were Never Duckier
  • 3/31/14 - 7pm - Walky Talky Hawky/Zoom and Bored/Superior Duck/Dog Pounded/No Parking Hare/This is a Life/Broom-stick Bunny
  • 4/1/14 - 7pm - His Hare Raising Tale/Tweet Dreams/Banty Raids/The Up-Standing Sitter/From Hare To Eternity/Shot and Bothered/Hasty Hare
  • 4/2/14 - 7pm - Hook, Line and Stinker/Duck Dodger and the Return of the 24 1/2th Century/Hawaiian Aye Aye/Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers/Woolen Under Where/Half Fare Hare/Buccaneer Bunny
  • 4/3/14 - 7pm - What Makes Daffy Duck/Napoleon Bunny-Part/Ant Pasted/Whoa, Be-Gone!/Tree For Two/8 Ball Bunny/A Pizza Tweety-Pie
  • 4/4/14 - 7pm - Bugs Bunny Rides Again/The Pest That Came To Dinner/Mad as a Mars Hare/Superior Duck/A Ham In A Role/Hot-Rod and Reel!/Fowl Weather
  • 4/5/14 - 7am - A Bone for a Bone/Robin Hood Daffy/For Scentimental Reasons/Bedevilled Rabbit/Hoppy Go Lucky/Zipping Along/Hare Splitter


  • For the first time in weeks, no Mixels shorts are scheduled to air with Looney Tunes on Boomerang.

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