NOTE: Looney Tunes is pillarboxed (two black bars on top and bottom) on CN.

  • 1/26/14 - 6am - Buccaneer Bunny/Satan's Waitin'/War and Pieces
  • 1/27/14 - 11am - Hopalong Casualty/Freudy Cat/Lickety Splat/Fast Buck Duck/Little Orphan Airedale/Ain't She Tweet/Foxy By Proxy
  • 1/28/14 - 11am - Oily Hare/Rabbit Fire/The Million Hare/Yankee Doodle Daffy/Sock A Doodle Do/Baton Bunny/Ant Pasted
  • 1/29/14 - 11am - You Were Never Duckier/What Makes Daffy Duck/Sugar and Spies/Yankee Dood It/Dough For The Do-Do/Shot and Bothered/Cat Feud
  • 1/30/14 - 11am - Sheep Ahoy/Hip Hip Hurry/Tree Cornered Tweety/Baseball Bugs/Canary Row/Long-Haired Hare/Superior Duck
  • 1/31/14 - 11am - The Hasty Hare/Bugs Bunny Rides Again/What's My Lion/Steal Wool/Cracked Quack/The Jet Cage/A Pest In The House
  • 2/1/14 - 6am - Boulder Wham!/Napoleon Bunny-Part/Boston Quackie


  • 1/19/13 - 6:30am - Monster Talent
  • 1/25/14 - 6:30am - Reunion
Boomerang us left logo
  • 1/26/14 - 7am - Shot and Bothered/A Bird In A Bonnet/Fastest With The Mostest/There They Go-Go-Go!/Pop 'Im Pop/Cannery Woe/Greedy For Tweety
  • 1/27/14 - 7pm - Lumber Jack-Rabbit/Gee Whiz-z-z/Bad Ol' Puddy Tat/Rabbitson Crusoe/Often An Orphan/Hurdy Gurdy Hare/Leghorn Swoggled
  • 1/28/14 - 7pm - Mutiny on The Bunny/Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 1/2th Century/Rushing Roulette/Satan's Waitin'/Captain Hareblower/Design For Leaving/Steal Wool
  • 1/29/14 - 7pm - Baseball Bugs/Boston Quackie/Weasel While You Work/Stop, Look and Hasten/The Scarlet Pumpernickel/To Hare Is Human/Big Top Bunny
  • 1/30/14 - 7pm - Scent-imental Over You/Feather Dusted/Dough For The Do-Do/No Parking Hare/Don't Give Up The Sheep/Fastest With The Mostest/French Rarebit
  • 1/31/14 - 7pm - Thumb Fun/Rabbit Seasoning/An Egg Scramble/Ducking The Devil/Devil May Hare/Hook, Line and Stinker/Room and Bird
  • 2/1/14 - 7am - Lickety Splat/Roman Legion Hare/Hawaiian Aye Aye/Guided Muscle/Clippety Clobbered/Road Runner A Go-Go/Weasel While You Work


  • Fastest with the Mostest airs twice this week on Boomerang (once on 1/26 and once on 1/30)
  • Weasel While You Work airs twice this week on Boomerang (once on 1/29 and once on 2/1)
  • Season 1 episodes of The Looney Tunes Show return to the 6:30am rotation.
  • The airing of Cannery Woe during the 1/26 Boomerang feed marks the first time since 2010 that a Speedy Gonzales short is shown on television after years of being banned due to sterotype issues (Mexican Boarders aired as part of the 2010 Looneytuneormous New Years Day Marathon on CN). It also marks the first time the short has aired as part of the CN/Boomerang package of short (the ones aired from 2011 - present), as well as the first time a short aired first on Boomerang before CN.

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