All of the Looney Tunes Presents videos except for Taz's Jungle Jams

Looney Tunes Presents was the last collection of Looney Tunes videos released on the VHS format by Warner Home Video in 1998. It was the first from Warner Bros. to feature the pre-1948 Warner cartoon library on the same tapes as post-48 cartoons (since Turner and Time Warner merged in 1996).

Due to the fact that Warner planned to promote this series the "next generation" of Looney Tunes videos, nearly every previous Warner Home Video and every MGM/UA Home Video release was discontinued in 1999.

This was also the first Looney Tunes video compilation to use the new Warner Home Video logo introduced in 1996, which would continue to be used until 2016.

(*)-Dubbed 1995 version (for pre-1948 shorts)

(#)-Dubbed 1997 version (for post-1948 shorts, but no dubbed disclaimer seen on original end card)

(##)-Dubbed 1998 version (for post-1948 shorts, but no dubbed disclaimer seen on original end card)

(@)-1986 Golden Jubilee tape version

Cover Title Featured cartoons
Marvin and K9 50 Years on Earth
Marvin the Martian & K-9: 50 Years on Earth!
Original Space Tunes VHS
Marvin the Martian: Space Tunes (original version)
Space Tunes
Marvin the Martian: Space Tunes (reissued version)
Tweety: Home Tweet Home
Tweety: Tweet and Lovely
BigTopBunny VHS
Bugs Bunny: Big Top Bunny
LooneyLooneyLooneyBugsBunnyMovie VHS 1999
Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie
Taz's Jungle Jams
Taz's Jungle Jams


  • The pre-1948 shorts used in each tape are Turner "dubbed versions", which were used again for Looney Tunes: The Collectors Edition VHS tapes by Columbia House.
  • Post-1948 shorts that have WB 1997/1998 dubbed version prints (a.k.a. THIS VERSION 1997/1998) prints are presented as dubbed versions as seen on the European VHS tapes, albeit without the dubbed disclaimer on the preserved original ending cards. These "dubbed" prints without the dubbed disclaimer were used again for Looney Tunes: The Collectors Edition VHS tapes by Columbia House.
  • Unlike most unrestored post-1948 shorts without THIS VERSION 1997/1998 dubbed versions which tend to use 1988 Warner Home Video remasters (a.k.a. LaserDisc prints), "Tweet and Lovely" is presented on the Tweety: Tweet and Lovely as the horribly faded Golden Jubilee tape transfer from 1986.
  • Much like the Stars of Space Jam: Tweety and Sylvester VHS release and then-current TV airings, "Snow Business" is presented with the altered 1959-1960 MM ending card on the Tweety: Home Tweet Home VHS release.
  • The pre-1948 shorts appear less than the post-1948 shorts in tapes having a mixture of cartoons from the pre-1948 and post-1948 eras.

USA/European release differences

  • European releases of Looney Tunes Presents have different shorts compared to their North American releases. On Bugs Bunny: Big Top Bunny, "Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid" was replaced by "Bully for Bugs". On Tweety: Tweet and Lovely, "Tugboat Granny" was replaced by "Muzzle Tough". On Tweety: Home Tweet Home, "Home Tweet Home" was replaced by "A Street Cat Named Sylvester".
    • In addition, the European VHS release of Tweety: Tweet and Lovely had different transfers used for the shorts "Tweet and Lovely" and "Hawaiian Aye Aye"; On the European VHS release "Tweet and Lovely" uses The Looney Tunes Video Show VHS transfer instead of the Golden Jubilee VHS transfer, and "Hawaiian Aye Aye" uses the Italian Cartoon Show VHS transfer. Also, "Fowl Weather" on the same VHS release has no borders in the opening titles unlike the USA VHS release.

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