Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles
Directed by: Chuck Jones
Starring: Hubie and Bertie, Sniffles
Release-date: August 28th, 2012
No. of cartoons: 19 (restored)
30 (counting unrestored cartoons)

Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles is a DVD/Blu-ray compilation of 19 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons starring Hubie and Bertie and Sniffles. It was originally released on August 28, 2012. The set features 19 newly restored cartoons, most of which are new to DVD and Blu-Ray. The first disc is dedicated to Sniffles, while the second features Hubie and Bertie's entire filmography. Eleven other bonus cartoons from other directors bring the total up to 30, which are unrestored or dubbed versions.

Disc I (starring Sniffles)

  1. Naughty but Mice (1939)
  2. Little Brother Rat (1939) *
  3. Sniffles and the Bookworm (1939)
  4. Sniffles Takes a Trip (1940) **
  5. The Egg Collector (1940)
  6. Bedtime for Sniffles (1940)
  7. Sniffles Bells the Cat (1941)
  8. Toy Trouble (1941)
  9. The Brave Little Bat (1941)
  10. The Unbearable Bear (1943)
  11. Lost and Foundling (1944)
  12. Hush My Mouse (1946) *

(*): Original opening and closing restored
(**): Previously released on another DVD, but used the USA 1995 dubbed print.

Special Feature

Disc II (starring Hubie and Bertie)

  1. The Aristo-cat (1943) **
  2. Trap Happy Porky (1945) *
  3. Roughly Squeaking (1946)
  4. House Hunting Mice (1947)
  5. Mouse Wreckers (1949), Academy Award nominee **
  6. The Hypo-Chondri-Cat (1950) ** ***
  7. Cheese Chasers (1951) **

(*): Original opening and closing restored
(**): Previously released on another DVD
(***): Original opening restored

Special Features

  • The Aristo-Cat commentary by Eddie Fitzgerald
  • The Aristo-Cat commentary by Greg Ford and Chuck Jones
  • Mouse Wreckers commentary by Greg Ford
  • The Hypo-Chondri-Cat commentary by Jerry Beck

More Mice

11 bonus cartoons on Disc 2 (all in standard definition)

Turner dubbed versions


All bonus cartoons are unrestored except for Mouse Mazurka (though the European Region 2 Blu-Ray/DVD release of Mouse Chronicles presents Mouse Mazurka as the unrestored laserdisc print instead of the 1998 restoration)

(*): 1997-98 dubbed version without dubbed notice, for Blu-ray uses Standard Definition instead of High Definition.