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This article is about the Game Boy game. For the cartoon series, see Looney Tunes.

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Looney Tunes is a 1992 video game for the Nintendo Game Boy. It was also remade for the Game Boy Color in 1999.


The game is a side-scrolling platformer. Each level features a different Looney Tunes character in a different scenario (level 1 features Daffy Duck searching for treasure, for example).


Level 1: Daffy Duck

Daffy's stage is a side-scrolling platformer. His form of attack is tossing a disc that, after being shot, will return to him.

Level 2: Tweety


Sylvester J. Pussycat

Sylvester Jr.

Level 3: Porky Pig

Porky's stage is a side-scrolling shooter.

  • Bosses
    • Black Star

Level 4: Taz

Level 5: Speedy Gonzales

  • Bosses
    • Singing Frankenstein
    • Frog
    • Dracula

Level 6: Road Runner

  • Bosses
    • Wile E. Coyote

Level 7: Bugs Bunny

  • Bosses
    • Yosemite Sam
    • Dinosaur Skeleton
    • Singing Frankenstein
    • Frog
    • Marvin the Martian
    • Little Circle with a Rock
    • Elmer Fudd (FINAL BOSS)


Looney Tunes (Game Boy Version) - No Death Run19:08

Looney Tunes (Game Boy Version) - No Death Run

Game Boy playthrough

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