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Looney Tunes (DC Comics) Issue 2 is the 2nd issue published by DC Comics in May 1994. The issue contains five comics.

Pizza the Action

Featuring Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Taz.

Daffy Duck opens the only pizza joint in town. Bugs Bunny pays a dollar to try a slice, only to find that it has cardboard underneath it. He demands his money back, but the duck refuses. In response, Bugs opens his own pizza restaurant. Daffy responds by trying to one-up the rabbit by introducing new features, only for Bugs to one-up him again. Bugs still offers to end the competition for a refund, but Daffy is still resistant. Instead, the duck resorts to sabotaging the rabbit's restaurant.

First, he sneaks exploding meatballs into a pizza. He can't resist seeing the look on Bugs's face when the pizza explodes and walks up to the front door. Turns out, he is the 1000th customer, and for that, he wins a free meatball pizza--the one with the exploding meatballs, that is.

Second, Daffy tries to report Bugs's restaurant for health violations, but he accidentally gives the address of his own.

Finally, Bugs is offering an all-you-can-eat special for only one dollar. Daffy hires a Tasmanian devil. Not realizing what the box contains, Bugs offers to help move the box--but Daffy realizes too late that he moved it to his restaurant. Taz eats the place, and Daffy surrenders and gives Bugs his dollar back. To show he doesn't hold a grudge, Bugs gives him, free of charge, a pizza with everything on it. The comic ends with Taz's mouth over the duck and the pizza he is holding.

Gotcha Covered

Featuring Wile E. Coyote, and Road Runner. Wile E. Coyote surveys a desert landscape through binoculars when the Road Runner runs right in front of him and says "Beep Beep!" Startled, the coyote leaps up right into a cliff. Road Runner takes a moment to look at the coyote through the binoculars before zooming away.

TRICK 1. Wile E. sets out a plate of birdseed. When the Road Runner eats it, he grabs an ACME grenade and bites down on it. However, instead of throwing the grenade, he throws his own teeth (with the pin ring still clamped inside them).

TRICK 2. "Two weeks and fifteen minutes later", Wile E. sets dynamite under a manhole and places birdseed on top of it. The Road Runner stops and the coyote pushes down the plunger. Instead of blowing up the Road Runner, the explosion causes the manhole to fly into the air and land on Wile E. Road Runner consumes the birdseed, which has landed onto the manhole.

Insecurity System

Featuring Foghorn Leghorn and Charlie Dog.

For the Birds

Featuring Tweety.

A word scramble puzzle featuring the names of birds.

The Last Laugh

Four short comic strips revolve around Sylvester eating out of trash cans.

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