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This is a list of episodes in The Plucky Duck Show. The series struggled to gain an audience, and was cancelled on December 12th, 1992, with a total of only 13 episodes. With the exception of The Return of Batduck, all segments were previously featured on Tiny Toon Adventures.

1. The Return Of Batduck

2. Ducklahoma / Video Game Blues / Yakkety Yak / Party Crasher Plucky

3. Minister Golf / Particle Man / Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / My Brilliant Revenge!

4. Kon Ducki

5. Inside Plucky Duck

6. A Quack in the Quarks

7. A Ditch in Time

8. Going Up / Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Even / Never Too Late to Loon

9. Just-Us League of Supertoons / A Bacon Strip / Migrant Mallard

10. Hollywood Plucky

11. The Potty Years / Milk, It Makes a Body Spout / The Anvil Chorus

12. Slugfest / Duck Dodgers Jr. / Duck Trek

13. Best Of Plucky Duck Day

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