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This is a list of all the Duck Dodgers episodes.

Pilot Shorts (1953-2003)

0.0. Looney Tunes - Duck Dodgers In The 24 1/2th Century

0.1. Looney Tunes - Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century

0.2. Tiny Toon AdventuresDuck Dodgers Jr.

0.3. Looney Tunes - Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension

0.4. Looney Tunes - Attack of the Drones

Season 1 (2003)

1. The Trial of Duck Dodgers / Big Bug Mamas

2. The Fast and the Feathery / The Fowl Friend

3. Duck Deception / The Spy Who Didn't Love Me

4. Duck Codgers / Where's Baby Smarty Pants

5. I'm Gonna Get You, Fat Sucka / Detained Duck

6. K-9 Kaddy / Pig of Action

7. Shiver Me Dodgers

8. They Stole Dodgers' Brain / The Wrath of Canasta

9. The Green Loontern

10. Quarterback Quack / To Love a Duck

11. Hooray for Hollywood Planet

12. The Queen Is Wild / Back to the Academy

13. Enemy Yours / Duck Departure

Season 2 (2004-2005)

14. Pig Planet

15. Invictus Interruptus / Pet Peeved

16. The Menace Of Mainsuit / K-9 Quarry

17. Talent Show A-Go-Go / The Love Of A Father

18. The New Cadet / The Love Duck

19. The Fudd

20. The Marx Of Xero / I See Duck People

21. Deathmatch Duck / Deconstructing Dodgers

22. M.M.O.R.P.D. / Old McDodgers

23. Diva Delivery / Castle High

24. Surf The Stars / Samurai Quack

25. Of Course You Know, This Means War & Peace Part I

26. Of Course You Know, This Means War & Peace Part II

Season 3 (2005)

27. Till Doom Do Us Part

28. Villainstruck / Just the Two of Us

29. The Kids Are All Wrong / Win, Lose or Duck

30. Boar to Be Riled / Clean Bill of Health

31. The Best of Captains, the Worst of Captains / That's Lifomatica

32. Diamond Boogie / Corporate Pigfall

33. The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck

34. Too Close for Combat / Fins of War

35. Good Duck Hunting / Consumption Overruled

36. A Lame Duck Mind

37. Master & Disaster / All in the Crime Family

38. In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock / Ridealong Calamity

39. Bonafide Hero: Captain Duck Dodgers (Series finale)

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