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This is a list of episodes for the animated series Baby Looney Tunes.

Season 1

  1. Taz in Toyland/A Secret Tweet
  2. Comfort Level/Like a duck to water
  3. School Daze/Things that go Bugs in the night
  4. The Creature from the Chocolate Chip/Card Bored Box
  5. Time and Time again/May the Best Taz Win
  6. Mine!/Sylvester the Pester
  7. "Cat-Taz-Trophy/Duck!Monster!Duck"
  8. "The Brave Little Tweety/The Puddle Olympics
  9. "A Lot Like Lola/Mother's Day Madness
  10. "Takers Keepers/To Tell the Tooth
  11. "Spinout/Snow Day"
  12. "Shadow of a Doubt/Christmas in July"
  13. "Bruce Bunny/Leader of the Pack"
  14. "Flower Power/Lightning Bugs Sylvester"
  15. "Flush Hour/I Strain"
  16. "The Sandman is Coming / Some Assembly Required"
  17. "All Washed Up / Did Not! Did Too!"
  18. "Tea and Basketball / Taz You Like It"
  19. "Band Together / War of the Weirds"
  20. "The Harder They Fall / Business as Usual"
  21. "Mr. McStuffles / Picture This!"
  22. "Hair Cut-Ups/A Clean Sweep"
  23. "Daffy Did It! / Pig Who Cried Wolf"
  24. "New Cat in Town / Magic of Spring"
  25. "Who Said That? / Let Them Make Cake"
  26. "For Whom the Toll Calls / Cereal Boxing"
  27. "Mind Your Manners / Petunia the Piggy Bank"
  28. "Pastime for Petunia / Pouting Match"
  29. "Wise Quacker / Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine!"
  30. "Loose Change / Act Your Age"
  31. "Who's Your Granny? / Tattletale"
  32. "Yolk's on You / Baby Gate"
  33. "Never Say Try / Pair O' Dice Lost"
  34. "Melissa the Hero / Trouble with Larry"
  35. "The Littlest Tweety / In Bugs We Trust"
  36. "Cool for Cats / Time Out!"
  37. "Present Tense / The Neat and the Sloppy"
  38. "Tell-a-Photo / Move It!"

Season 2

39. "These Little Piggies Went to the Market / Now Museum, Now You Don't"

40. "Take Us Out to the Ballgame / Clues Encounters of the Tweety Kind"

41. A Bully for Bugs / The Wheel Deal"

42. "Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou? / Flu the Coop"

43. "Blast Off Bugs / Baby Brouhaha"

44. "Log Cabin Fever / A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream"

45. "Are We There, Yet? / Save Our Cinnamon"

46. "Lights! Camera! Tweety! / Backstage Bugs"

47. "Bend it Like Petunia / Cock-a-Doodle-Doo-It!"

48. "Wrong! / Win, Lose or Daffy"

49. "A Turtle Named Myrtle / There's Nothing Like a Good Book"

50. "The Dolly Vanishes / Duck Reflucks"

51. "Stop and Smell Up the Flowers / Firehouse Frolics"

52. Baby Looney Tunes Easter Spectacular

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