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The following is a list of products made by ACME that were used in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Cartoons, as well as in Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Taz-Mania, Duck Dodgers, The Looney Tunes Show and others.

Key to series abbreviations:
LT = Looney Tunes
MM = Merrie Melodies
TTA = Tiny Toon Adventures
AMS = Animaniacs
TM = Taz-Mania
STM = Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
DD= Duck Dodgers
TLTS = The Looney Tunes Show
Misc. = Other/Non-WB-related cartoon

Box/Container Screenshot:

Screenshot: Product Name: Box Art: Usage: From Episode: Series: Released On:
ACME School of Boxing-1

ACME School of Boxing-2
School of Boxing Count Me Out MM 1938
Super Outfit
Super Outfit Not much, but it does have one flaw: it doesn't give you the ability to fly. Fast and Furry-ous LT
Matches Regular, everyday matches, good for lighting things. "Beep, Beep" MM 5/24/1952
Rocket-Powered Roller Skates Lets you skate at unlimited speed. "Beep, Beep" MM 5/24/1952
Street Cleaners Wagon

Street Cleaners Wagon

Can be used for trash can or as a a customizable balloon basket.

"Going! Going! Gosh!"

MM ##/##/####
Giant Kite Kit
Giant Kite Kit Can be used as a regular kite or can be used to fly and drop weapons. "Zipping Along" MM
Bird Seed Box Ver. 1

Bird Seed Ver. 1 

Part of a bird's neutrious meal "Zipping Along" MM
Nitroglycern HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE! "Zipping Along" MM
Detonator Can be used as an activation to attach to explosives. "Zipping Along" MM
Bird Seed V2

Bird Seed Ver. 2

Different box, same great taste!

Silly kiddies, seeds are for birds!

"Stop! Look! And Hasten!" MM
Leg Muscle Vitamins
Triple-Strength Fortified Leg Muscle Vitamins Gives your legs the vitamins it needs to run faster than ever before! "Stop! Look! And Hasten!" MM
Glue V1
Glue V1 A real sticky adhesive.  Ready.. Set.. Zoom! LT
Female Road Runner Costume
Female Road Runner Costume Lets you disguise yourself as a female Road Runner. Just watch out for other Coyotes. Ready.. Set.. Zoom! LT
Smoke Screen Bomb
Smoke Screen Bomb Creates a cloud of smoke, like fog, for camoflauge. "Sheep Ahoy" MM
Artifical Rock
Artificial Rock Lets you become like a real rock out in the open. "Sheep Ahoy" MM
Grease 50% Slippery "Guided Muscle" LT
Triple-Strength Battleship Steel Armor Plate
Triple-Strength Battleship Steel Armor Plate Usually it would fend off most objects, but not Road Runners. "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" LT
Bat-Man's Outfit
Bat-Man's Outfit Unlike the super hero, Bat-Man, this outfit will actually let you fly high in the sk! "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" LT
Giant Rubber Band V1
Giant Rubber Band V1 Used for giant aireal slingshots to shoot things. "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" LT
Handle Bars
Handle Bars Part of the Jet Bike Kit. "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" LT
Jet Motor
Jet Motor Part of the Jet Bike Kit "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" LT
Jet Bike Kit
Jet Bike (Kit) Like a motorcyle, but without wheels. "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" LT
Dehydrated Boudlers
Dehydrated Boulders Makes instant boulders with just a drop of water "Scrambled Aches" LT
Bumble Bees
Bumble Bees (One-Fifth) A real stinger! "Zoom and Bored" MM
Giant Rubber Band V2
Giant Rubber Band V2 For Tripping Road Runners "Whoa, Be-Gone!" MM
Tornado Kit
Do-It-Yourself Tornado Kit Lets you make your own tornados. "Whoa, Be-Gone!" MM
Tornado Seeds
Tornado Seeds Part of the Tornado Kit "Whoa, Be-Gone!" MM
Water Pistol
Water Pistol A Basic Squirt Gun Toy, part of the Tornado Kit "Whoa, Be-Gone!" MM
Bird Seed Ver.3
Bird Seed Ver. 3 Now comes in can-packed porportions! "Hook, Line and Stinker" LT
Hi-Speed Tonic
Hi-Speed Tonic Lets you run super fast, with NO WAY OF STOPPING!

"Hip- Hip- Hurry!"

Jet-Propelled Pogo-Stick
Jet-Propelled Pogo-Stick Like a pogo-stick, this one has jet-rocket attachments so that you'll get a much quicker result! Just watch where you're going though. "Hot-Rod and Reel!" LT
Jet-Propelled Unicycle
Jet-Propelled Unicycle Like a regular unicycle, Balance is the key. You'll just have to hang on to that balance for dear life! "Hot-Rod and Reel!" LT
Giant Rubber Band V3
Giant Rubber Band V3 Used for human-slingshots. "Wild About Hurry" MM
Rocket Sled
Rocket Cart/Sled V1 Usually sleds are for snow, but WB couldn't tell if this is a cart or a sled. "Wild About Hurry" MM
Iron Pellets
Iron Pellets V1 A good source of iron. "Wild About Hurry" MM
Bird Seed V4
Bird Seed Ver. 4 Makes a very good chaser when eating iron pellets. "Wild About Hurry" MM
Indestructo Steel Ball
Indestructo Steel Ball Lets you roll in a ball that's literally indestructable. "Wild About Hurry" MM
Bomb V2 Comes with a timer attachment so you'll where and when to expect a BIG BANG out of it! "Fastest with the Mostest" LT
Balloon Basket
Balloon Basket

A regular everyday baloon basket. Useful for Hot Air Balloonists.

"Fastest with the Mostest" LT
Balloon Useful for Hot Air Balloonists "Fastest with the Mostest" LT
Bed Springs
Bed Springs Literally puts a SPRING in your step! "Ready, Woolen and Able" MM
Xmas Package Machine
Christmas Package Machine Puts anything and or ANYONE into small packaged-wrapped presents. "Hopalong Casualty" LT
Earthquake Pills
Earthquake Pills

Makes instant Earthquakes.


No Effect On Road-Runners.

"Hopalong Casualty" LT
Iron Pellets V2
Iron Pellets v2 Now with 50% more iron! "Zip 'n Snort" MM
Axle Grease
Axle Grease Guarantees INDEED to be slippery! "Zip 'n Snort" MM
Roller Skis
Roller Skis Now you can ski wherever you go! Not just on the snow, but everywhere! Lickety-Splat LT
Iron Carrot
Iron Carrot Fools Rabbits, except one. "COMpressed Hare" MM
Iron Bird Seed
Iron Bird Seed Makes Birds have... literally... magnetic personalities! "Beep Prepared" MM
Little-Giant Do-It-Yourself Rocket Sled Kit
Little-Giant Do-It-Yourself Rocket Sled Kit Nuff Said. "Beep Prepared" MM
Bird Seed V5
Bird Seed Ver. 5 The Original Bird's Treat for Tweet! "Zoom at the Top" MM
Instant Icicle Maker
Instant Icicle Maker Like a freeze ray gun, it turns anything or anyone into solid ice. "Zoom at the Top" MM
Boomerang Like a regular boomerang, it gauranteeds to return. "Zoom at the Top" MM
Iron Glue
Iron Glue

Even stronger than regular glue.

(Came with Boomerang, so it counts.)

"Zoom at the Top" MM
Super Speed Vitamins
Super Speed Vitamins Lets you run super fast, just like the Road Runner! "Hare-Breadth Hurry" LT
Glue V2
Glue V2 Different design, same glue. "Hare-Breadth Hurry" LT
Invisible Paint
Invisible Paint Lets you become invisible, but not physically invisible. "War and Pieces" LT
Little-Giant Snow-Cloud Seeder
Little-Giant Snow Cloud Seeder Makes Instant Snow "Freeze Frame" MM
Speed Skates
Speed Skates Lets you ice skate at various speeds. "Freeze Frame" MM
Jet-Propelled Skis
Jet-Propelled Skis Lets you ski at any speed on the snow. "Freeze Frame" MM
Frisbee Disc
Frisbee Disc A regular, everyday frisbee disc. "Soup or Sonic" MM
Little-Giant Fire Crackers
Little Giant - Giant Fire Crackers Little fireworks, BIG explosion! "Soup or Sonic" MM
Giant Fly Paper
Giant Fly Paper Traps anything, especially Giant Flies! "Soup or Sonic" MM
Explosive Tennis Balls
Explosive Tennis Balls Tennis balls rigged with TNT, explodes on contact with inanimate object. "Soup or Sonic" MM
Giant Mouse Trap
Giant Mouse Trap Traps anything, especially Giant Rats! "Chariots of Fur" LT
Instant Road2
Instant Road Lets you roll out an instant road with ease as it makes a good detour trick. Provided that you watch where you're rolling. "Chariots of Fur" LT
Cactus Costume
Cactus Costume (From ACME Costume Co.) Disguise yourself as a cactus and scare others. "Chariots of Fur" LT
Lightning Bolts

Lightning Bolts

(with Fat Free Rubber Gloves)

Be like Zeus and shoot lightning bolts from far distances. Fat Free Rubber Gloves included. "Chariots of Fur" LT
New Character Day-ACME Super Bug Spray

Super Bug Spray

Use ACME Super Bug Spray. "They won't be back!" "The Roches" TTA

Possible Unnamed ACME Products

Products without the logo ACME on them are presumed to have been made from ACME Co. Anyways.

Screenshot Product Name From Company Usage From Episode Series M/D/Y

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