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Latin Names are running gags at almost every Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner entry. Whenever the Coyote and Road Runner first appear on screen, the screen freezes, and their names appear, both in English and Latin, although the Latin names aren't really the exact translations.

The Latin names are however not found on any of the DFE-era Road Runner cartoons, especially the cartoons directed by Rudy Larriva. To date, the CGI Road Runner theatrical cartoons have not yet used any Latin names when describing the characters.


Cartoon Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Fast and Furry-ous Accelleratii Incredibus Carnivorous Vulgaris
Beep, Beep Accelerati Incredibilus Carnivorous Vulgaris
Going! Going! Gosh! Acceleratti Incredibilis Carnivorous Vulgaris
Zipping Along Velocitus Tremenjus Road-Runnerus Digestus
Stop! Look! And Hasten! Hot-roddicus Supersonicus Eatibus Anythingus
Ready.. Set.. Zoom! Speedipus Rex Famishus-Famishus
Guided Muscle Velocitus Delectiblus Eatibus almost Anythingus
Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z Delicius-Delicius Eatius Birdius
There They Go-Go-Go! Dig-outius Tid-bittius Famishus Fantasticus
Scrambled Aches Tastyus Supersonicus Eternalii Famishiis
Zoom and Bored Birdibus Zippibus Famishus Vulgaris
Whoa, Be-Gone! Birdius High-Ballius Famishius Vulgaris Ingenuisi
Hook, Line and Stinker Burnius-Roadibus Famishus-Famishus
Hip Hip- Hurry! Digoutis-unbelievablii Eatius Slobbius
Hot-Rod and Reel! Super-Sonicus-Tastius Famishus Famishus
Wild About Hurry Batoutahelius Hardheadipus Oedipus
Fastest with the Mostest Velocitus incalcublii Carnivorous Slobbius
Hopalong Casualty Speedipus Rex Hard-Headipus Ravenus
Zip 'n Snort Digoutius-hot-rodis Evereadii Eatibus
Lickety-Splat Fastius Tasty-us Apetitus Giganticus
Beep Prepared Tid-Bitius Velocitus Hungrii Flea-Baggius
Zoom at the Top Disappearialis Quickius Overconfidentii Vulgaris

To Beep or Not to Beep

(Milt Franklyn-music)

Speedomitrus-Maximus Appetitius-Uncontrolibus
War and Pieces Burn-Em Uppus Asphaltus Caninus Nervous Rex
Freeze Frame Semper Food-Ellus Grotesques Appetitus
Soup or Sonic

Ultra-Sonicus Ad Infinitum

("Beep Beep" has "Beepius-Beepius")

Nemesis Ridiculii
Chariots of Fur Boulevardius-Burnupius Dogius Ignoramii
Little Go Beep Morselus Babyfatius Tastius Poor Schnookius
Whizzard of Ow Geococcyx californianus (actual taxonomic name for the Greater Roadrunner) Canis latrans (actual taxonomic name for the Coyote)

Comic Variants

Comic Road Runner Wile E. Coyote

Video Game Variants

Road Runner's Death Valley Rally

Level Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Zippety SPLAT! (desert roads) Speedomitrus Maximus Hungarius Uncontrolibus

Rock 'n' Rivet (construction site)

Greasius-Lightningus Gadgetius-Fanaticum
Train Runnery (railroad/cirus train) Accelerati-Incredibus Ravenous-Uncontrollibii

Hopalong Casualty (mine level)

Rocketum-Instantanius Ravenous-Carnivourous
Quantum Beep (night time desert) Birdibus-Zippidus Famishus-Vulgarium

Desert Demolition

Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Speedicus Birdicus Canis Ravenous

Looney Tunes Double Pack: ACME Antics

Note: The following Latins Names from this game were reused from some classic Road Runner cartoons. 

Level Road Runner Wile E. Coyote

Parody Variants

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