Kwesi Boakye
General information
Born: Kwesi Nii-Lante Boakye
April 6, 1999
USA Flag Los Angeles
Cause of death:
Alternate names:
Occupation(s): Actor, voice artist
Years active: 2005-present

Kwesi Nii-Lante Boakye (b. April 6, 1999) is an American child actor and voice artist, best known for being the first voice of Darwin Watterson in The Amazing World Of Gumball (Boakye has since been replaced by Terrell Ransom, Jr. [from season 3 to the season five episode "The Copycats"] and Donielle Hansley Jr. [as of the season five episode "The Copycats"] as the voice of Darwin due to his voice breaking from puberty).

Looney Roles


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