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K-9 Kaddy
Series: Duck Dodgers
Season: 1
Episode #: 6 (11a)
Written by: Spike Brandt
Tony Cervone
Paul Dini
Tom Minton
Date aired: September 27, 2003
Previous episode: Detained Duck
Next episode: Pig of Action

K-9 Kaddy is part of the 6th episode of Duck Dodgers, season 1. It aired alongside Pig of Action.

Plot Summary

Marvin and K-9 goes golfing and run into problems with the local alien gophers.K-9 is proven to be ticklish when 2 alien gophers tickle his belly and chin to get him let go of the root of a tree hanging over Marvin.


This Cartoon look identical to Disney's 1941 Mickey Mouse's "Canine Caddy," where Marvin is Mickey Mouse, K-9 is Pluto and the two aliens Goofy Gophers are the Brown Gopher.

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