John T. Smith is an uncredited Looney Tunes voice actor. He also worked with UPA for the 1953 short Little Boy With a Big Horn (doing various voices).

Looney Roles

  • Homeless Hare - Hercules (1950)
  • Hillbilly Hare - Punkinhead Martin/Sourbelly Trio Caller (1951)
  • Bunny Hugged  - The Crusher (1951)
  • Chow Hound - Bulldog (1951)
  • The Wearing of the Grin - O' Pat aka Shamus O'Toole (1951)
  • Drip-Along Daffy - Nasty Canasta (1951)
  • Water, Water Every Hare - Evil Scientist (1952)
  • Forward March Hare - Master Sergeant (1953)
  • There Auto Be A Law - Narrator (1953)
  • No Parking Hare - Construction Worker (1954)
  • Behind The Tunes: Looney Tunes Go Hollywood - Evil Scientist (2004; archive footage)

also see Category:Cartoons with characters voiced by John T. Smith

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