I Wish I Had Wings
Directed By: Rudolf Ising
Produced By: Hugh Harman
Rudolf Ising
Leon Schlesinger
Released: October 15, 1932
Series: Merrie Melodies
Animation: Rollin Hamilton
Paul J. Smith
Film Editor:
Voiced By:
Music: Frank Marsales
Starring: Chickens
Preceded By: Ride Him, Bosko!
Succeeded By: Bosko the Drawback
1932-10-15 WB - I Wish I had Wings - Merrie Melodies - Rollin Hamilton, Paul Smith07:00

1932-10-15 WB - I Wish I had Wings - Merrie Melodies - Rollin Hamilton, Paul Smith

I Wish I Had Wings is a 1932 Merrie Melodies cartoon.


It's morning on a farm, and a rooster awakens the chickens and the geese. The chicks run from a bigger Hen, leaving her behind. She grabs a worm and divides it for the kids to eat. Soon after a chick has a fight with a worm. The father rooster arrives with Doctor Stork, who comes out with a basket full of white chicks and one black chick. The black chick is quickly forgotten, and sings "I wish I had wings". Using a pair of discarded girdle as wings, and bloomers as a parachute he prepares to get a meal, until he runs into a scarecrow, but he's able to ward that off.

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