I Got Yer Can

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I Got Yer Can is a Slappy Squirrel cartoon, released on October 25, 1993.


After Slappy throws a soda can out, a clash begins with her and her neighbor Candie Chipmunk.


The Music of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker was heard when Candie Chipmunk was around

  • This cartoon is based on a true story. Sherri Stoner moved to a new neighborhood, and she was throwing away her Diet Coke can into another neighbor's bin, but her neighbor asked Sherri to use her own bin.
  • The game show that Candie appears on is a parody of Let's Make a Deal. The Warners make a cameo and do their "Hello, Nurse!" routine.
  • At one point, Candie types endlessly on a typewriter "All work and no cans make Candie a dull Chipmunk," a parody of the scene from the film The Shining.
  • Skippy says his catchphrase, "Spew!" for the first time.
  • When she first meets Candie, Slappy says, "Allen Funt is a dead man!" In other words, she briefly believes that she is on Candid Camera, the prank show hosted by Funt.
  • The game show is hosted by Blink Winkleman, a semi-recurring character from Tiny Toon Adventures, and it is also a parody of the game show Let's Make a Deal.
  • Each time Candie gets the can back, a five-note melody entitled "You're a Horse's Ass" can be heard. This melody is best remembered as the opening music for the Private Snafu shorts during WWII.

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