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I'm A Martian

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I'm a Martian
I'm a Martian is a Merrie Melodies song from The Looney Tunes Show sung by Marvin the Martian.


Every time you see me, you earthlings turn and run.
I don't know what your problem is.
I'm really super fun.
I'm a Martian!
Not a great white shark.
I'm a Martian!
I play frisbee in the park.
Come over to my party.
It's not that long a trip.
You'll be glad you made the journey
for my seven-layered dip.
I like sharing cheese pizza.
You see, I'm not so bad.
Do you like little puppies?
I make them in my lab.
I'm a Martian!
I harbour you no ill will.
A Martian!
Does someone need a chill pill?
My name's Marvin, I'm a Martian!
Let's share a lemon soda.
And talk about our feelings.
But don't insult my helmet
'Cause then I'll hit the ceiling.
I've got a laser!
And it's pointed at your planet.
It's my laser!
So don't take me for granted.
I'm a Martian!
I'm a Martian!


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