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How Bugs Bunny Won The West Rough Draft

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How Bugs Bunny Won the West is a Looney Tunes special that was released in 1978. This special was narrated by Denver Pyle. The special is available as a bonus feature on The Essential Bugs Bunny DVD set. It had a running time of 30 min.


Cartoons Featured


Directed by: James David, Hal Geer, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones and Robert McKimson

Written by: Marc Sheffler, Hal Geer, John W. Dunn, Warren Foster, Michael Maltese and Tedd Pierce

Executive Producer: Hal Geer

Music by: Milt Franklyn, William Lava, Harper MacKay and Carl W. Stalling

Director of Photography: Brianne Murphy

Edited by: Treg Brown and Jim Champin


How Bugs Bunny Won The West (1978)23:21

How Bugs Bunny Won The West (1978)

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