Hog Wild Hamton
Series: Tiny Toon Adventures
Season: 2
Episode No. 4 (69th total)
Directed By: Rich Arons
Written By: Paul Dini
Bob Carrau
Released: September 19, 1991
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Next: Playtime Toons

Hog Wild Hamton is the 69th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures and the 14th episode animated by AKOM. It first aired 19 September 1991.


Hamton's parents have left him in charge of the house for the weekend. Plucky seizes this opportunity to throw a party. However all the Looniversity students show up at the house, disturbing his neighbour Egghead Junior to the point of blowing up the house to Hamton's despair. Hamton, however, has won a replacement house from a competition he entered earlier.

Additional credits

  • Animation: AKOM


  • This was neighbor Egghead Junior's first and only appearance in a Tiny Toon Adventures episode.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ed McMayhem who later made a cameo in "The Return of Batduck".                          
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