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Happy Birthday Bugs: 50 Looney Years is a TV special celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bugs Bunny. Many clips are shown, while various celebrities come to wish Bugs Bunny a happy birthday. Meanwhile, Daffy Duck watches the special on TV, despising Bugs for his birthday celebration (reused footage from Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video Stars). A subplot involves a group of protesters who favor Daffy over Bugs, but it's later revealed that Daffy hired them to protest. Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng makes cameos talking about Bugs Bunny.

The special was directed by Gary Smith.


  • Bugs Bunny's life story is told on Entertainment Tonight.(including info on Tiny Toon Adventures and Box Office Bunny).
  • Various talk shows have topics relating to Bugs.
  • A commercial for ACME
  • "A Current Affair" reports that there were several Bugs Bunny. Elmer Fudd appears in an interview, face blurred and told what to say by Daffy.
  • Bill Cosby talks to Raven-Symone about Bugs Bunny and Mel Blanc.
  • Whoopi Goldberg pays tribute to Bugs Bunny and Mel Blanc.
  • "Happy Birthday Bugs in 3 1/2 Minutes".


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Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny

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