Fwee Wange Wabbit
Series: New Looney Tunes
Season: 1
Episode No. 43
Directed By: Sean Petrilak
Written By: John Infantino
Released: March 12, 2016
Previous; Splashwater Bugs
Next: Beaver Fever

Fwee Wange Wabbit is an episode of New Looney Tunes. It first aired 12 March 2016.


A female vulture foodie, who is named Vera, is at an upscale restaurant, but everything the waiter suggests she has already eaten. Vera insists that the only thing she hasn’t eaten is rabbit, but the waiter replies that they do not have rabbit as a meal. Vera then asks Queri (a parody of Siri) where the freshest, juiciest rabbit in town is. It then directs her to take a left turn at Albuquerque as it sends her to the house of Bugs Bunny and Squeaks. Upon entering, she eats all of their food as an "appetizer" and then demands her dish. The two trick Vera into eating several nasty foods, lure her into a grease trap, and steal her phone. Vera demands to see the manager; so Bugs and Squeaks send her on carnival rides and a food truck. In the end, Vera forgets that she was complaining and gives Bugs her money. Bugs and Squeaks later eat at the same restaurant that Vera was at earlier and give the waiter a huge tip.


Rabbit Special - Fwee Wange Wabbit - Wabbit - Cartoon Network01:55

Rabbit Special - Fwee Wange Wabbit - Wabbit - Cartoon Network

Wabbit - Fwee Wange Wabbit - To the Manager02:07

Wabbit - Fwee Wange Wabbit - To the Manager

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