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Flying Circus
Directed By: Alex Lovy
Produced By: Bill L. Hendricks
Released: September 14, 1968
Series: Looney Tunes
Story: Cal Howard
Animation: Ted Bonnicksen
Laverne Harding
Volus Jones
Ed Solomon
Layouts: Bob Givens
Backgrounds: Bob Abrams
Film Editor: Hal Geer
Voiced By: Larry Storch
Music: William Lava
Starring: Ace
Fritz Von Wienerschnitzel
Preceded By: 3 Ring Wing Ding
Succeeded By: Chimp & Zee
What's New Looney Tunes - Flying Circus (Enhanced!)06:32

What's New Looney Tunes - Flying Circus (Enhanced!)

Flying Circus is a 1968 Looney Tunes cartoon from Warner Bros.-Seven Arts.


The character design looks very similar to the Jay Ward and Total Television show (as well as the DePatie-Freleng's "Roland and Rattfink" cartoon series made at the same time).


Video ==

Looney Tunes - Flying Circus (1968)06:25

Looney Tunes - Flying Circus (1968)

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