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(Stats) Difficulty: Extra Hard Time: 3 Minutes

(Stage List) *Varies* [0:42] 1st Match - Stadium Soccer [12:59] 2nd Match - Western Basketball [22:41] 3rd Match - Montana Hitting Game [24:05] 4th Match - Forest Soccer [34:49] 5th Match - Downtown Basketball [44:37] 6th Match - Obstacle Course Game [46:28] 7th Match - Stadium Soccer [56:33] 8th Match - Bowling Game [1:02:40] Final Match - Monty's Playroom Basketball [1:14:11] Ending & Credits [1:15:45] Game Over


Ah... this game. Long ago I was close to beating this game when I was young only to get cheated on the Final Match a few times, anyway this is a neat sports game back in the day and it's quite fun to play.

The goal here is to... well... win each match. What else is there to say about this? Oh and by the way... each character has a Stamina Bar which drops if they use their abilities or take damage. Low Stamina leads to hindered performance such as slow movement but thankfully their Stamina recovers overtime but be warned... if they take a hit with barely any Stamina left they will be stunned so try not to go overboard with Special Shots which will mostly drain Stamina to zero once used.

The CPU stealing the ball right after you steal it tends to get annoying. You mostly don't see it coming. Maybe it's just me.

(Areas) Area: Stadium Info: No hazards to deal with.

Area: Western Info: Barrels roll by which crushes anyone in their path and if you go near the horses on the far corners... you get bucked into next week.

Area: Forest Info: Watch your step as some of the grass here trips you.

Area: Downtown Info: Oil spills on the far corners which will make you slip and fall.

Area: Monty's Playroom Info: Trains which trips you and Cars that send you packing. Each time you score a roulette decides how many points you get. During Soccer you can get 0, 1, 2 or 3 points while in Basketball you can get 0, 2, 3 or 5 while 3-Point Shots are 0, 3 or 5. This area can pretty much be luck based as the CPU Team could get lucky while you get stuck with a low score or worse... be down by 1 point and you make the final basket thinking you'll win but you score 0 points and lose.


(Mini-Games) The Montata Hitting Game is just like Whack-A-Mole. Hit the Monty's for points while avoiding Dizzy & Elmyra.

The Obstacle Course Game is a race. Fall behind and you get warped with a 1 second penalty which will most likely cost you the race.

The Bowling Game is pretty self-explanatory... go full speed and throw a straight and you'll always get a strike.

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