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Family Guy
General information
Genre: Sitcom
Created by: Seth MacFarlane
No. of seasons: 16
No. of episodes: 308
Running time: 20 - 22 minutes
Original run: Original series: January 31, 1999 – February 14, 2002
Revival series: May 1, 2005 – present
Networks: Fox

Family Guy is an adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for The Fox Broadcasting Company. This series has featured a number of Looney Tunes parody clips.

Looney Tunes Parodies

  • I Never Met The Dead Man - Peter runs over Road Runner (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and asks his passenger, Wile E. Coyote (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), if he should stop. Wile tells him to keep going.
  • Stewie B. Goode - Elmer Fudd (voiced by Noel Blanc) surprisingly succeeds in killing Bugs Bunny (voiced by Seth MacFarlane).
  • Tales of a 3rd-Grade Nothing - Yosemite Sam (voiced by John Kassir) is seen complaining about his "penis-compressingest, sperm-killingest, testicle-grippingest" jeans.
  • In another episode, Peter makes up his own version of Speedy Gonzales named "Rapid Dave", after deciding that immigrants shouldn't be allowed in America. Sylvester (voiced by Jeff Bergman) tries to catch Dave.
  • Back to the Woods - Foghorn Leghorn (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) walks up to Colonel Harland Sanders in a KFC  restaurant, and tells Sanders that his food smells good. Sanders then chops Foghorn's head off, and as the body runs around Foghorn's head, he says "Whoa, look at that boy, running around like a chicken with his head cut off - wait a minute!"
  • PTV - Peter is seen working at ACME and Wile E. Coyote clams a refund for a giant sling-shot that slammed him into a mountain. Wile's wife then comes in telling him to hurry up.
  • E. Peterbus Unum - Peter's grandfather who was a Warner Bros. animator, recommended naming Bugs Bunny "Ephraim The Retarded Rabbit", a name no other worker agreed with.
  • Partial Terms of Endearment - There is a parody of the Road Runner cartoons as Peter tries to force his wife Lois to have an abortion.
  • Forget-Me-Not - When Joe assumes he was the voice of a cartoon bird, Tweety appears and says in Joe's voice "I thought I saw a cat. I did see a cat."
  • Turban Cowboy - Peter and Muhammad watch a Muslim version of Looney Tunes where Porky Pig (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) makes his traditional appearance though the drum head, although noting that under Islamic Law he is forbidden as dirty.
  • Farmer Guy - Peter stops to see if the tornado he sees is Taz.
  • Something Something Something Dark Side - During the fight scene between Darth Vader (Stewie) and Luke Skywalker (Chris), Luke falls off of the platform and holds a sign saying "Help!" in mid-air (similar to how Wile E. Coyote holds up signs to speak to the audience) before nearly falling to his death.
  • When You Wish Upon A Weinstein - After Lois finds out that Peter bought volcano insurance (and thus ruining their check book), she tells Peter that Meg needs a pair of glasses. Peter then says that no one needs glasses, to which Meg retorts that Peter wears glasses. Peter then says "That's only to fool the man from the draft board" (an obvious reference to Draftee Daffy).
  • Peter Problems- When Peter mentions that Quagmire could show up like the Road Runner, Quagmire zooms in a la the Road Runner, while holding up a sign that says "Giggity Giggity".
  • The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin - Lois suggests to Peter to be more gentle towards Jesus, as he approaches his first time, to which Peter replies he'll be as sensitive and gentle as possible, just like the Tasmanian Devil tucking his kids to bed. A cut-away gag then appears, showing Taz, speaking in his normal tongue, reading a book to his kid and then tucking him to sleep. Taz then begins to zoom out of the room, but then quietly tip-toes out of his kid's room while spinning around, saying goodnight to his kid, turning out the lights and shutting the door.