Wabbit Season is the first episode of the Looney Tunes Dash! Mobile Game Series. In the first episode of the game series, the player plays as Bugs Bunny as he is chased by Elmer J. Fudd throughout the forest. To get past the goal, certain objectives must be done. But seeing as how this is the first level, most of them are tutorials which involve reaching the goal. 

Levels and Objectives

Level Objective Items and Power-Ups Found No. of points to get 3 Stars Expert Path Locations Looney Card
1 Reach Home None 3,000 None None
2 Reach Home ACME Vac 3,000 None None
3 Collect Carrots (30) Looney Card, Gossamer Potion 10,000 None Leopold
4 Collect Carrots (30) Looney Card, Super Hero Badge 7,000 On the right Hare's looking at you, kid
5 Collect Carrots (30) Mystery Boxes (2), ACME Vac, Looney Card 10,000 On the right A Beautiful Valkyrie
6 Collect Carrots (10) Carrots, Mallet, Looney Card 9,800 On the left Bugs the Martian
7 Collect Carrots (15) Carrots 15,000 On the right None
8 Collect Carrots (30) Carrots, Looney Card, ACME Vac (2) 12,600 None Hare-stylist
9 Collect Carrots (15) Carrots, Looney Card, Mystery Gift 8,000 None Blue Bow Bugsy
10 Collect Carrots (20) Carrots, ACME Vac, ACME Bonus Rocket 9,500 None None

Smash ACME Crates (30)

Looney Card, Super Stomp 10,000 On the right King Authur
12 Smash ACME Crates (20) Mystery Gift 14,000 None None
13 Smash ACME Barrels (40) Looney Card,  Mystery Gift 18,700 On the right Ali Baba Bunny
14 Smash ACME Barrels (25) 17,500 On the right None
15 Smash ACME Barrels (50) Looney Card,  23,200 Bugs the Bullfighter


Looney Tunes Dash! - Wabbit Season with Looney Card Collection24:19

Looney Tunes Dash! - Wabbit Season with Looney Card Collection

Looney Card Collection for Episode 1

Card # Img. Name Short Can be found in
1 - Leopold

Long-Haired Hare | Aired: June 25, 1949

Level 3
2 - Hare's looking at you, kid
Hare's looking at you, kid Carrotblanca Aired: August 25, 1995 Level 4
3 - A Beautiful Valkyrie
A Beautiful Valkyrie What's Opera, Doc? Aired: July 6, 1957 Level 5
4 - Bugs The Martian
Bugs The Martian Haredevil Hare Aired: July 24, 1948 Level 6
5 - Hare-stylist
Hare-stylist Rabbit of Seville | Aired: December 16, 1950 Level 8
6 - Blue Bow Bugsy
Blue Bow Bugsy Hillbilly Hare Aired: August 12, 1950 Level 9
7 - King Arthur
King Arthur Rabbit Hood | Aired: December 24, 1949 Level 11
8 - Ali Baba Bunny
Ali Baba Bunny Ali Baba Bunny | Aired: February 9, 1957 Level 13
9 - Bugs the Bullfighter
Bugs the Bullfighter Bully for Bugs Aired: August 8, 1953 Level 15

Looney Tunes Obstacle Characters

Daffy Duck: 

Porky Pig:

Yosemite Sam:


Witch Hazel:

Marvin the Martian: 

Foghorn Leghorn: 

Beaky Buzzard: 


  • The Looney cards are actually photocopies of production cels from the original Looney Tunes shorts.

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