Dive Bombing Crashes (1945) is a Warner Brothers Cartoon made as a training film for US Navy pilots. The film warns pilots not to neglect observing their altimeters during bombing dives.

The first part of the film follows a pilot in a bombing run. The pilot is fixated on his target, and neglects to monitor his altitude. Too late he realises he is too low. At 1000', he pulls back on his stick but it's too late, and the pilot crashes.

The second part of the film takes place in a hangar. A crotchetty old man - Grampaw Pettibones - explains the technical issues involved.

The first part of the film is illustrated in a stylised manner, with some sequences of still images. The second part with Grampaw Pettibones is animated in a style more typical of Warner Brothers cartoons of the period.


There are no credits in the film. The initial titles are, in order:

  1. United State States Navy Training Film - Restricted - Copyright 1945 Warner Bros Cartoons Inc
  2. Flight Safety
  3. Dive Bombing Crashes
  4. Grampaw Pettibone's Gripes

The film's duration is 4'17".