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Daffy Duck (1990) (UK VHS)


Drawn together to celebrate his Looney Tunes stablemate Bugs Bunny's 50th birthday, this collection concentrates on the loveable Duffy Duck. Outspoken and quick witted, Daffy is also conniving, greedy and vain, and with his frenzied energy and sharp tongue, he can really look after himself. If anything gets him in trouble, it's his over-inflated ego and visions of himself in various ill-suited heroic roles, but with his crazed courage he'll try anything to get what he wants, no matter what the odds are. Undermeath all his antics, he's really looking for love, approval and acceptance; all of which audiences are delighted to provide.


  1. Duck Dodgers In The 24 1/2th Century
  2. Don't Axe Me
  3. Drip-Along Daffy
  4. The Ducksters
  5. The Astroduck
  6. Duck Amuck
  7. Robin Hood Daffy
  8. Quackodile Tears
  9. Daffy's Inn Trouble

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