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Crosby, Columbo, and Vallee
Directed By: Rudolf Ising
Produced By: Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising
Leon Schlesinger
Released: March 19, 1932
Series: Merry Melodies
Animation: Rollin Hamilton
Max Maxwell
Film Editor:
Voiced By: Johnny Murray
The King's Men
Music: Frank Marsales
Preceded By: Big-Hearted Bosko
Succeeded By: Bosko's Party
Crosby,Columbo And Vallee07:13

Crosby,Columbo And Vallee

Crosby, Columbo and Vallee is a 1932 black and white Merrie Melodies cartoon.


A tribe of Indians is singing, while this is happening all of the women find themselves for the singers, Bing Crosby, Russ Columbo, and Rudy Vallee. A women is given a radio, and she also joins in the fun. The woodland animals are also involved, impersonating people. While everyone is enjoying themselves, a fire accidentally starts, causing three baby birds to get trapped in a tree, only to be saved by a spider-web.

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