Background information
Species: sparrow
Debut appearance: Father of the Bird
Created by: Stephen A. Fossati
Portrayed by: June Foray

Cornbread is a Looney Tunes character voiced by June Foray.


"Cornbread" is young sparrow that hatched from an egg Sylvester was about to eat. It called the cat "Mama" for most of the episode, before switching to "Papa." Sylvester didn't have the heart to eat the bird and found himself protecting it from a series of unfortunate events.



  • Other bluebirds appear in "Swallow the Leader" and "No Barking", but they are styled differently and there is no indication any of them are this character.
  • The bird is never given a real name. "Cornbread" is just a derisive nickname that Sylvester calls him once.

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