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There were a bunch of different color rings each year

1936 Merrie Melodies Purple Rings Black Background Red Shield

1936 MM

Used from early to late 1936. I Think You're Ducky plays.

1936 end


1936-1937 MM-0

1936-1937 Merrie Melodies Blue Rings Black Background Blue Shield

Used from late 1936-1937. I Think You're Ducky is replaced with Merrily We Roll Along (the most famous theme). The very first cartoons play this song at a very fast paste. However, starting in March 1997, the tempo slowed down. In July 1937, the shield got it's twanging noise. Beginning with Plenty of Money and You, it got it's very first closing theme.

1936-1937 end-0

1937-1938 Merrie Melodies Orange-Yellow Rings Black Background Blue Shield

1937-1938 MM-0

Used from late 1937-1938. The Merrie Melodies font changes, and the opening theme now had a largely dominant woodwind arrangement for the opening and closing. In January 1938, the theme was sparsely modified. Later on, starting in August 1938, it was changed again, this time with a concert band full of woodwind and brass. Almost every short closed with the 1937-38 closing theme. The only cartoon to use these rings with the 1938-1941 closing theme was You're an Education.

1937-1938 end 1-0
1937-1938 end 2-0

1938-1939 Merrie Melodies Green-Yellow Rings Black Background Red Shield

1938-1939 MM-0
1938-1939 end-0

This was used from 1938-1939 shorts. The opening theme still remains the same as August 1938. The closing theme is the same as You're an Education. In 1939, the opening theme was heavily modified and made a much more perfect version of the theme with trombones

1939- early 1940 Merrie Melodies Red White and Blue Rings Cloudy Background Red Shield

1939-1940 MM

Used from 1939- early 1940. Vitaphone is changed to Warner Bros. The Opening and closing theme is exactly the same.

1939-1940 end

Mid-late 1940 Black and Red Rings Black Background Red Shield

Mid 1940

Used from 1940. Everything remains the same. The That's All Folks text is slightly modified, and the text was seen until 1964

Mid 1940 MM
Mid 1940 end

1940-1941 Merrie Melodies Orange Rings Black Background Red Shield

1940-1941 BB

Used from 1940-1941. Malibu Beach Party is the only cartoon where the music is exactly the same. After that, it was changed to a sparsely modified version which sounds like a mix of the 1938-1939 themes. The closing theme is the same until 1941, then the opening and closing themes were heavily modified and more brassy. The Merrie Melodies font was changed again. In The Heckling Hare, Bugs Bunny appears on top of the shield, munching on a carrot, then pulls the logo like a shade


1940-1941 MM
1940-1941 end

1941-1942 Merrie Melodies Dark Blue-Purple Rings Black Background Red Shield.

Used from 1941-1942 shorts. The music is the same as 1941. A Variant appears with bugs bunny munching on the carrot except instead of pulling the logo down, he gets an angry wink, and the logo fades in.

1941-1942 2-0
1941-1942 2
1941-1942 4
1941-1942 MM
1941-1942 end

1942-1943 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Red Rings Black Background Red Shield

1942-1943 1

Used from 1942-1943. Everything is the same

1942-1943 2
1942-1943 3
1942-1943 LT
1942-1943 MM
1942-1943 end
1944-1945 1

1944-1945 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Blue Rings Red Background Red Shield

Used from 1944-1945. Everything is the same.

1944-1945 2
1944-1945 3
1944 1945 BB 1
1944-1945 BB 2
1944-1945 LT
1944-1945 MM 1
1944-1945 MM 2
1944-1945 MM 3
1944-1945 end
1944-1945 end 2

1945-1946 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Red Rings Black Background Red Shield

1945-1946 1

Used from 1945-1946. Everything is the same except the opening theme is shortened.

1945-1946 2
1945-1946 LT 1
1945-1946 LT 2
1945-1946 MM
1945-1946 end

1946-1947 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Blue Rings Red Background Red Shield

1946-1947 1

Used from 1946-1946. Everything is the same for Looney Tunes until the Looney Tunes theme was modified and famous for using a "goofy" version in 1946.

1946-1947 2
1946-1947 MM
1946-1947 LT 1
1946-1947 LT 2
1946-1947 LT 3
1946-1947 MM Title

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