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Chickenhawk is a Merrie Melodies song from The Looney Tunes Show sung by Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk, featuring Barnyard Dawg.


(Chicken Hawk, gettin' hungry)
(Chicken Hawk, gettin' hungry)
I want some chicken, to eat.
It is my favorite meat.
I like it crispy or glazed.
It puts me in a daze.
I like it fried up or baked.
On my birthday I eat chicken cake!
(Chicken Hawk's not a chicken)
(He's just a hawk that eats chicken)
Now, just one second, all right?
I've got something for your appetite.
There's so many things that you could eat.
There's a Chinese restaurant down the street.
Or how about a fish taco, son?
This bakery's got good honey bun.
So tasty...
Hey chicken, get in my mouth!
How about... a hot dog?
With mustard... and Sauerkraut.
I want some chicken no lie.
You are my chicken pot pie.
Instead of chicken try pork.
Just please put down that fork.
Try my grandma's baked beans.
They've got 10 grams of protien.
They're gooey, sweet, and piping hot.
You'll wanna eat the whole dang pot.
(Chicken Hawk, gonna eat the beans)
(Chicken Hawk is enjoying them beans)
I knew you'd come around, son.
You know what would go good with these beans?
Get over here chicken!
(Chicken does go good with beans)
(Beans and chicken, what a heavenly combo)

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