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These cartoons have their original end cards lost due to the dubbed version releases on LaserDisc or replaced with another end card during restoration or re-release. The ones found on Boomerang/CN or CN Latin America are not present here.

Cartoons with endings lost to BR reissues are not present here. So Pigs Is Pigs would not meet the requirement here. But cartoons that only exist as dubbed versions, such as I Wanna Play House meet the requirement.

Do not add other cartoons to this category. New ones added will be deleted.

Kit For Cat, Holiday for Drumsticks, Odor of the Day, Dough Ray Me-ow, and What Makes Daffy Duck had permanent altered ending cards, present later and the former survives with the BR ending.

Also, Dog Daze's USA dubbed print and The Cat Came Back's EU print both retain the original end card and Blue Ribbon end card, respectively, so they also do not to be here.

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