Bugs Bunny (1990) (UK VHS)


Commissioned to commemorate his 50th birthday, this compilation tape features the best of Bugs Bunny and brings together some of the moments that have made generations roar with laughter over the last 50 years. Bugs Bunny is the hero of the "cool" set. He is always calm and collected and with his composed and confident nature, nothing seems to ruffle him. A master of disguises, Bugs knows how to turn any situation to his advantage - a facet of his character that drives his adversaries mad. Extraordinary, sharp and versatile, Bugs epitomises what many people would like to be - if only they had the nerve.


  1. What's Opera, Doc?
  2. The Grey Hounded Hare
  3. Rabbit of Seville
  4. Mutiny on the Bunny
  5. Devil May Hare
  6. Hare-Way to the Stars
  7. Broom-Stick Bunny
  8. Bugs and Thugs
  9. Duck! Rabbit, Duck!

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