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Lunar tunes

Opening Titles

2000302129-260x260-0-0 Bugs Bunnys Lunar Tunes Bugs Bunny

VHS Cover

Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes is a direct-to-video special reusing footage from six earlier cartoons. The linking footage has Bugs being kidnapped and brought to space by Marvin the Martian and K-9. Bugs must defend Earth on courtroom charges that Earthlings are casting aliens in a negative light, and if Bugs loses, Marvin will effect an apocalyptic punishment on Earth. Marvin shows clips from Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century, His Hare-Raising Tale, Martian Through Georgia, and Rocket-bye Baby as evidence. Bugs, in defense, uses clips from The Hasty Hare and Hare-Way To The Stars.



  • Kirk from Star Trek made a cameo in this video. He used Spock's Vulcan hand pose.
  • Stills from this special were featured in the book The Looney Tunes Treasury on page 83.


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